How do I change the mail delivery setting for Announce messages?

Follow the instructions to change the mail delivery settings:

1) Go to Google Groups

2) Click on “My Groups” on top left

3) Find the “Announce” group

4) In the second column from the right, click on the "My Settings" drop down menu. 

5) Click on the first option "Membership and email settings." 

6) Click the "Email delivery preference" drop down menu.  Choose between the four options:

  • Don’t send email updates: Will not receive email from the group’s posts
  • Send daily summaries: Receive one summary email per day *(This is the most common setting)*
  • Combined updates: Receive one email for every 25 new messages
  • Every new message - receive an email for every group post

*Make sure to click the "Save" button once you have made your selection.

How do I send a message to faculty and staff?

When you are logged into your App State Google account, go to announce.appstate.edu and select the link to post a message to all faculty and staff in our Announce group. You can also send an email to announce@appstate.edu from your appstate account.

Some of our special topics groups also allow members to post messages.

What types of messages should be sent to the Announce group?

The Announce group is a moderated service to share campus news and events such as lectures, professional development, and important announcements of interest with faculty and staff. If your message is only for faculty or only for staff, please consider using the special topic groups Faculty Announcements or Staff Announcements.

Announce does not allow messages with attachments – instead link to a website or a file in Google Drive. All advertised events must be held in accordance with relevant university policies and procedures. This service adheres to our Acceptable Use of Computers and Data Communications Policy. Do not send messages related to unauthorized business usage, political campaigns or personal advertising.

Best Practices:

  • Use an interesting, informative and concise subject line
  • Review your message carefully for spelling and grammatical errors
  • Do not send images. When messages are delivered in a daily digest, the image will not appear in the abbreviated message in the digest and people will have to click More to see it.

How long does it take to moderate an Announce  message and send it to faculty and staff?

Posts are moderated to make sure that they are relevant to both faculty and staff and the university mission (e.g., lectures and events of widespread interest, faculty and staff development opportunities, etc.). Group managers moderate messages daily and advise sending messages at least 24-36 hours in advance of events to ensure that the message can be approved and delivered in the daily digest prior to the event.  Generally, messages that are approved in the morning are sent in an afternoon digest. 

How does campus receive Announce messages?

Group members can set their delivery settings to one of the following options:

  • Abridged: Receive one summary email per day
  • No Email: No email - just login to the Group to review posts
  • Digest: Receive one email for every 25 posts (Note: This setting is different from the daily digest described above, which is called "Abridged Email" in Google. This setting will only send a message when 25 posts are collected, versus each day)
  • All Email: Receive an email for every new post

Support help on changing your Delivery Settings

Who receives Announce group emails?

All active faculty and staff (SHRA, EHRA, and temporary employees), as well as non-paid personnel who are volunteers, and graduate teaching and research assistants are subscribed to our Announce group. The membership of Announce is refreshed every evening.

When is the daily message sent to campus?

Google Groups frequently delivers the daily "Abridged Email" message in the afternoon around 3:30.

Are emergency messages delivered through Announce?

No, emergency messages will continue to be sent through existing campus channels.

How do I send a message to students?

Our students use AppSync, a web application that connects students with leadership and involvement opportunities. CampuSync is AppSync's weekly newsletter that is delivered every Tuesday. To send information to CampuSync or AppSync, complete this form.

Where can I find help with Google Groups?